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My Democracy: Meet the Press Film Festival

The Meet the Press Film Festival with AFI will take places on Oct. 7th and 8th in Washington, DC. Several films will also be available for on-demand streaming.

PROGRAM 4 - My Democracy: Voting Rights & Civic Associations

Voting is how we express our political opinions and make our voices heard. But not everyone votes and not everyone has the right to vote. The act of voting is only one part of participating in democracy - practicing citizenship is also about showing up at local government meetings and taking part in the decisions that impact our communities. These films look at democracy on the ground level from voter registration to political activism and direct participation in policymaking.

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Let My People Vote

Filmed in Tampa during the 2016 presidential election, this verité short covers a day in the life of civil rights activist and former felon Desmond Meade. What begins as an upbeat day of faith in our democratic process ends in a heartbreaking realization for Desmond - Jim Crow is not dead.

Public Money

Since 2012, the New York City Council has steadily increased investment in a process called “Participatory Budgeting,” wherein community members gain a role in deciding how to spend part of a public budget. Through an eight-month process, neighbors come together and work with the government to propose, debate, and ultimately vote on budget decisions that affect their lives.

Voting Matters

More than 50 years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most extensive pieces of civil rights legislation, people of color across the United States still are engaged in a battle to protect their right to vote. "Voting Matters" follows one dynamic woman working tirelessly on the ground and in the courts to ensure that they are not denied this right.

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