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A Paul Ryan PolitiFact Check

"Meet the Press" and PolitiFact take a look at one of the claims Speaker Ryan made about Obamacare during his exclusive interview with Chuck Todd.

During his full "Meet the Press" interview, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-WI., said the following about President Obama’s healthcare law:

It's a law that is not working. It's a law that's depriving people's choices. It's a law that's making families pay double digit premium increases. It's a law that's leading Medicare into a rationing scheme. That's not going to work for seniors.

So PolitiFact and “Meet the Press” decided to take a looked at Ryan's claim that health insurance plans sponsored by Obamacare are, “making families pay double-digit premium increases.”

PolitiFact found that Ryan is “cherry-picking plans” to bolster his argument and that the increase in premiums is “not entirely attributable to the health care law itself.” PolitiFact rated his statement as “Half True."

MTP Politifact Check Speaker Paul Ryan

According to PolitiFact:

Ryan has a point that some plans have seen increases of 10 percent or more with insurance purchased on However, Ryan is cherry-picking the high end of rate changes. On average, the benchmark plan has increased 7.5 percent, which decreases once premium tax credits and enrollment figures are factored in.

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