Meet the Press

The Six Best Richard Nixon Moments From Meet the Press

Richard Nixon appears on Meet the Press. April 10, 1988

Richard Nixon made seven appearances on Meet the Press throughout the years - here are the six best moments from those interviews...

1) Why Israel "cannot have an armed Palestinian state in its gut."

Nixon: 'Israel cannot have an armed Palestinian state in its gut 1:01

2) When he reflected on Watergate...

Nixon on Watergate: 'We fouled it up beyond Belief' 1:49

3) Why running for governor is better than running for president...

Nixon: Running for Governor Better than Running for President 0:32

4) When Eleanor Roosevelt said she had "no respect for the kind of character" Nixon showed in his Senate campaign...

Eleanor Roosevelt on Why She Had 'No Respect' for Nixon 1:21

5) His advice on working with a Republican House and a Democratic Senate...

Richard Nixon on Working with a Divided Congress 0:45

6) When he described his "biggest mistake as president"

Nixon Reveals His 'Biggest Mistake as President' 2:19

Jessica Barreto, Evan Dixon, Brian Norman, Alida Wunscher and Alex Ford contributed to this post.