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Sunday on MTP: Ukraine Agreement, Democrat Playbook, Same-Sex Marriage

A pro-Russian gunman patrols a streets in downtown Slovyansk, eastern Ukraine, Friday, April 18, 2014. Dashing hopes of progress raised by a diplomatic deal in Geneva, pro-Russian insurgents who have occupied government buildings in more than 10 Ukrainian cities said Friday they will not leave them until the country's interim government resigns. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) AP

This Sunday on MTP:

Exclusive: Ukrainian Prime Minister

An initial agreement to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine has been reached, but can it hold? Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, will have the latest on the situation in his country and what comes next.

The U.S. Response

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee break down the importance of Ukraine to the U.S. and whether the latest agreement will stand.

The Democrat Playbook

How are the Democrats positioning the party for the 2014 midterm elections relative to the health care law and Obama’s low approval ratings? Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Democratic National Committee Chair, joins us.

MTP Political Roundtable

What do the latest enrollment numbers say about the future of Obamacare? And, what is the view on the White House’s handling of Ukraine? Plus, will Bloomberg’s gun safety push be able to stand up to the NRA?Our roundtable weighs in: Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director & Chief White House Correspondent; David Brooks, New York Times Columnist; Radhika Jones, TIME Deputy Managing Editor; David Shribman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Executive Editor

“Forcing the Spring”

Jo Becker, author of "Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality,” shares an inside account of President Obama’s evolution on gay marriage, and reacts to recent criticism.