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By Sally Bronston

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called on President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton to calm protests that have broken out in opposition to Donald Trump’s election as president.

Referencing thousands of protesters outside Trump Tower in Manhattan, chanting “Not my president”, Conway said “I think it’s time for them to give this man a chance, too.”

According to Conway, President-Elect Trump has already addressed the protesters and “he will continue to address them. He’s going to be the president of all people.” But, she added, “This is a two-way street.”

“It’s time really for President Obama and Secretary Clinton to say to these protesters: ‘This man is our president,’” Conway continued.

Conway cited what she claimed was media hypocrisy, saying that if Hillary Clinton had won and “if there were two Donald Trump protesters somewhere, people would be freaking out that his supporters were not accepting the election results.”

Speculation has already begun about what President-Elect Trump’s administration will look like, especially who will serve as his Chief of Staff in the White House.

Conway commented on reports RNC Chair Reince Priebus and Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon are the top candidates being considered for the post.

While she said both will “have big roles in a Trump administration”, she particularly highlighted what she sees as Bannon’s qualifications for the job.

“I think having worked with him and known him, Steve Bannon, in this particular campaign, was the general. And he is much more the Goldman Sachs managing partner and much more the naval officer, I think, than people realize. That’s a big part of his background.”

Conway denied that Bannon, who also served as editor of conservative site Breitbart, would come to Washington to proverbially “burn it down.”

Finally, Conway commented on recent reports that Hillary Clinton partially blamed her loss in the election on FBI Director James Comey.

While calling Secretary Clinton “a woman of enormous gifts and talents”, Conway said “I just can’t believe it’s always somebody else’s fault. Sometimes you just have to take a look in the mirror and reflect on what went wrong.”