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Wonder Woman has a superhero girlfriend in new DC Comics series

The two women share a kiss in the second issue of “Dark Knights of Steel.”
Woman Woman and Zala-El in "Dark Knights of Steel."
Woman Woman and Zala-El in "Dark Knights of Steel."DC Comics

Wonder Woman locks lips with her girlfriend in the latest issue of DC Comics’ “Dark Knights of Steel.”

In the series’ second issue, in stores now, Lois Lane travels to the hidden island of Themyscira and tells Zala-El — Superman’s sister and the princess of House of El — that her father has been murdered. Distraught over the news, Zala-El gets emotional, and her girlfriend, Wonder Woman, comforts her with a passionate kiss. 

Prior to their kiss, Wonder Woman and Zala-El, a new character to DC Comics, had been sparring on the battlefield, according to Screenrant, which noted that the “Dark Knights of Steel” series will likely show the couple teaming up for battle between the House of El and the Kingdom of Storms.

"Dark Knights of Steel."
"Dark Knights of Steel."DC Comics

It is no surprise that Wonder Woman is out as LGBTQ in the comic series, which is written by Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto and Wes Abbott. In 2016, Greg Rucka, a former DC Comics writer for Wonder Woman, confirmed to Comicosity that the superhero is bisexual. Wonder Woman, who first appeared in a comic in 1941, has in the past been romantically involved with Steve Trevor, a military veteran and pilot whose plane crashed on the shores of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman’s new sapphic romance is part of an explosion of LGBTQ representation among comic books characters over the past several years — both on the page and the screen. This year, however, that representation went supernova. 

On Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, DC Comics revealed that the new Superman, Jon Kent (the son of Clark Kent), falls in love and kisses a male reporter, Jay Nakamura, in “Superman: Son of Kal-El." Robin, The Flash, Batwoman and Captain America are among the other superheroes with queer storylines this year.

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