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Al Shabab Claims Twin Bombings, Issues New Threat Against U.S.

A senior leader with the terrorist group promised "war" against the U.S., Kenya and Uganda, Reuters reported.

The al Shabab terrorist group — which lost its leader to an American airstrike last week — vowed revenge on the United States on Monday, hours after back-to-back bombings targeting African peacekeepers and a government convoy in Somalia, according to Reuters. At least a dozen civilians were killed in the blasts outside Mogadishu, officials said. Afterward, a senior leader with al Shabab issued threats against the U.S., Kenya and Uganda. "If you think jihad will stop after killing men, we say,that is a lie,'' Fuad Mohamed Khalaf Shongole said in an audio recording, Reuters reported. "You non-believer Obama, we tell you now is the time for war for the sake of God.''

After al Shabab leader Ahmed Godane was killed in the U.S. strike, the group responsible for last year's Kenya mall attack pledged to avenge his death. The first bombing Monday targeted the African Union Mission in Somalia, a United Nations-backed peacekeeping force. A security source told NBC News that the bomb detonated early and two buses, which can carry up to 20 people apiece, were hit. A second blast was aimed at a Somali government convoy of police and national security forces, and at least two people were injured, a senior police officer told Reuters.

Although al Shabab claimed Americans were killed in the bombings, U.S. officials said they knew of no American casualties.


— Charlene Gubash and Tracy Connor