15w ago / 10:30 PM EST

Kittle momentarily runs off the field with shoulder injury

In a strange turn of events, 49ers tight end George Kittle ran off the field and back into the stadium.

According to the commentators, Kittle suffered a shoulder injury. Kittle is a driving force in the Niners' offense, and it could hurt the team as it fights in overtime.

15w ago / 10:33 PM EST

George Kittle will not be denied. His absence was brief but glaring after the 49ers were hit with a flag on one of the other tight ends.

15w ago / 10:29 PM EST

A big catch and run by Christian McCaffrey puts the Niners in field goal range at the K.C. 24.

15w ago / 10:26 PM EST

Holding penalty extends Niners drive

The Niners' drive will continue after a holding call on third down.

The player held? Jauan Jennings, who is having a huge game.

15w ago / 10:30 PM EST

Jauan Jennings wasn’t the hero San Francisco expected, but he’s the one keeping the Niners alive.

The 49ers WR has thrown for a TD, caught a scoring pass and drew a defensive holding that prevented a San Francisco punt in OT.

15w ago / 10:25 PM EST

Yes, you take the ball in OT

In case there was any doubt, of course San Francisco wanted possession of the ball first after winning the coin flip.

It becomes a sudden death game if it's still tied after each team has had one possession; thus you want that extra time with the ball.

15w ago / 10:23 PM EST

Overtime: How it works

The NFL has its own set of postseason overtime rules, and they were changed recently. NBC Sports breaks down how it will work.

After a coin toss to determine who takes possession of the ball, each team will get a chance to score. Then, OT turns to sudden death. The next score wins.

During the regular season, at the end of a 10-minute overtime period, if the game is still tied, the game is marked as a tie.

But that can't happen in the postseason — and definitely not at the Super Bowl.

A tie score at the end of the first overtime period launches a second 15-minute overtime, then a third and so on, until one team comes out on top.

15w ago / 10:20 PM EST

The Niners win the toss and they'll take the ball to start.

15w ago / 10:20 PM EST
Brian Hamilton, NBC Sports

Heading into OT, San Francisco is favored by 2.5 points. The Game Total is now 43.5.

15w ago / 10:17 PM EST

Huge second half for Kelce

After a slow first half, Kelce suddenly has eight catches on 86 yards.

His 22-yard grab on third-and-7 from the San Francisco 33 set up the tying field goal.

15w ago / 10:15 PM EST

We're headed to overtime! Chiefs field goal saves Kanas City.

This is the Super Bowl of kickers, as the Chiefs score yet another field goal to tie the game 19-19 and almost certainly send the game into overtime.

Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images
15w ago / 10:16 PM EST

The last (and only) overtime Super Bowl — SB 51, New England 34, Atlanta 28, Feb. 2, 2017.

15w ago / 10:19 PM EST

They've changed the OT rules since that Super Bowl so that each team gets an opportunity to possess the ball

15w ago / 10:14 PM EST

Big players make big plays.

A huge catch by Kelce, and he's knocked out of bounds at the 11-yard line.

The 22-yard catch means the Chiefs have time for a shot at the end zone — maybe two.

Chiefs still have one timeout.

15w ago / 10:10 PM EST

The Chiefs wasted no time getting to the Niners' side of the field.

An incomplete pass stops the clock with the ball at the San Francisco 43-yard line.

That's a long kick, but withing Harrison Butker's range ...

15w ago / 10:11 PM EST

Big first down as Mahomes finds the veteran running back Jerick McKinnon for a first down.

Chiefs take a time out — they have one more remaining — with 40 seconds left.

15w ago / 10:12 PM EST

Mahomes looks like the most calm person in the stadium...