15w ago / 10:07 PM EST

Moody! 49ers take the lead

A monster kick by Jake Moody puts the Niners back on top.

Moody drills a 53-yard field goal to take the lead 19-16 with less than two minutes left, potentially winning the game if the defense can hold off Patrick Mahomes.

15w ago / 10:09 PM EST

Moody came into this game as a question mark for the Niners after some big misses.

Two field goals from 50+ yards is pretty incredible. What a night for him.

15w ago / 10:05 PM EST

Budweiser keeps it 'old school' in ad

The beer brand brought back its signature Clydesdale horses-and-dog combo to save a bar from a Budweiser shortage during a winter storm.

15w ago / 10:02 PM EST

It's the two-minute warning, and it's a tie game




15w ago / 10:03 PM EST
Brian Hamilton, NBC Sports

San Francisco is now favored by 2.5 points and the total sits at 35.5 points at DraftKings.

15w ago / 9:58 PM EST

Football basics: The clock

Among the most common questions asked by non-football fans is: Why does the clock run sometimes and stop other times? There are almost too many nuances and exceptions to clock rules to go over all of them, but keep these general points in mind:

The clock will always stop on a score, change of possession or incomplete pass. 

The clock will always stop when there is no play at or under 2 minutes left in the second and fourth quarters. It’s the most ominously titled basic rule of pro football: the 2-minute warning (said in George Carlin’s voice)! 

Each team gets three timeouts per half, and these could be valuable tools in strategically stopping the clock.

Inside the final 2 minutes of the first half and the final 5 minutes of the second half, the clock will almost always stop when the player runs out of bounds. There’s just one rare exception to this out-of-bounds clock stoppage, and that’s if a runner isn’t going forward — as Dallas Cowboys fans sadly found out with 28 seconds left in their playoff loss to San Francisco last year. 

If the offense wants to keep time rolling, its best play will be run the football while staying inbounds.

15w ago / 9:59 PM EST

This is particularly important right now. With less than five minutes, both teams will be trying to manipulate the clock to maximize their chances of winning.

The Niners will hope they can hang on to the ball til the very end of the game. The Chiefs want to get a stop with enough time to get into field goal range.

15w ago / 9:53 PM EST

It's a tie game after a Chiefs field goal

The Chiefs have equalized the game with a field goal after a failed drive to the end zone.

The score is tied 16-16.

15w ago / 9:49 PM EST

Here comes Travis Kelce

Kelce has had a quiet game, but he's coming alive.

Two big catches on this drive — one for 16 yards, another on third down for 13 yards — have the Chiefs moving.

A 25-yard pass to its other tight end, Justin Watson, has Kansas City at the San Francisco 21-yard line.

Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images
15w ago / 9:41 PM EST

Touchdown! The 49ers take back the lead

The 49ers scored a touchdown to take back the lead after converting a risky fourth down.

But the difference in the game is only a field goal after the Chiefs blocked the extra point.

15w ago / 9:45 PM EST

Special teams will be a huge part of the story if KC wins this... the muffed punt, the long field goal and now the blocked extra point

15w ago / 9:45 PM EST

Jennings maybe puts himself into the MVP race with a TD catch to go with his TD pass?

15w ago / 9:51 PM EST
Brian Hamilton, NBC Sports

Following his TD Pass in the 1st Half, DraftKings was offering 49ers WR Jauan Jennings at 350/1 odds to be the game's MVP. That prop is no longer offered this late in the game. Does he have a shot at it?

15w ago / 9:40 PM EST

A gutsy fourth-down call pays off for Niners

On fourth down and 3 yards to go, the Niners go for it — and get four yards from George Kittle.

That's the tight end's first catch — and it's a huge one.

15w ago / 9:35 PM EST

Offensive lineman Jon Feliciano is now the third player on the 49ers to be hurt on the field, but the cause is unclear, forcing the team to take a brief injury timeout.

He was able to get up and walk to the tent, but the team already has one player out. While Deebo Samuel is still in the game, he appeared to hurt his hamstring and is only just coming back from a shoulder injury.

15w ago / 9:35 PM EST

HBCUs join Usher during halftime

One moment from Usher’s halftime performance that a lot of people are talking about is when he had two members of Kappa Alpha Psi, the second-oldest historically Black fraternity in the world, join him on stage.

You can see them in this clip as they “stroll” with canes and shimmy alongside the pop star. As HBCUs and HBCU culture have gained more mainstream notice and exposure since Beyoncé’s Coachella 2018 performance, this was another clear nod to the commercial growth for a lot of people, particularly Black Twitter/X.