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Moose on the loose crashes through window into Canadian school

The juvenile moose broke into Sylvia Fedoruk School, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and was safely tranquilized and returned to the wild, police said.

A juvenile moose somehow found itself plowing headfirst through a glass window and into a Canadian elementary school on Thursday, in a mad dash that was captured on camera.

The provincial government of Saskatchewan tweeted that the children at Sylvia Fedoruk School "will have quite the story to tell when parents ask 'How was school today?'"

Their images showed the moose — identified elsewhere as a female, but in some images marked "The Bull" — standing in the classroom, with shards littering the floor from the plate glass window it smashed through.

Another video, posted to Twitter by user Sarah Paulgaard, reportedly showed the moose moments before it burst into the Saskatoon elementary school on Thursday morning.

"Oh, that poor little guy!" Paulgaard exclaimed in the video, which appeared to show the moose running through a nearby neighborhood. "You get outta town!"

"Overhearing the school intercom about 5 minutes after this... apparently the moose has made it INTO the school?!" Paulgaard wrote in her tweet.

Another Twitter user, Jayme Nicole, wrote she "found the moose."

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist who recently moved to work at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, confirmed in a Twitter message that the moose's appearance has been the "talk of the town."

"Nobody told me about this particular hazard before I moved to Saskatoon," Rasmussen said on Twitter.

Saskatoon Police said the moose was safely tranquilized, captured and released unharmed back into the wild. "The moose on the loose avoided a stop at the principal’s office and was sent on its way with Conservation Officers to find a safer place to prance," police tweeted.

"Students and staff were kept away from the area, and parents/caregivers were asked to not come to the school," Saskatoon Public Schools spokesperson Veronica Baker said in an email. "We are incredibly grateful that all students and staff members are safe."

The Saskatchewan Environment Ministry did not immediately respond to an NBC News request for comment.