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Sriracha Beer? 5 Surprising Foods Starring the Spicy Sauce

/ Source: NBC News

For years it was the secret condiment enlivening many Southeast Asian and Asian cuisines, often found by the liter in Vietnamese and Thai restaurants while remaining relatively unknown to Western palettes.

But sure enough, sriracha sauce - made of vinegar, garlic, and chili peppers, although most associate the name solely with the Sriracha sauce brand, made by Huy Fong Foods - has found its way from pho bowls to the fast food joints across America. The sauce is now breathing life into a variety of product lines and dishes, from American staples to everyday packaged goods.

(1) There’s a sriracha beer.

Brewer Rogue Ales created Sriracha Hot Stout, a full-bodied beer laced with elements of the hot sauce. It even incorporates Huy Foods’ iconic styling (complete with rooster) in the bottle.

Rogue Brewery's Sriracha Hot Stout beer promises it's ready to drink with "anything you'd like to wash down with a spicy kick."Rogue

(2) There’s a sriracha burger.

The savory hot sauce is typically used in soups, but Jack in the Box smeared a creamy version of the sauce onto a burger ().

(3) There’s a sriracha candy.

Sweet and spicy is a common combo in candy, so it makes sense sriracha’s mild heat would eventually find itself in sweets. Sriracha candy canes found their way into stockings this past holiday season, and are fortunately available year-round.

Each box of J&D's Sriracha Candy Canes contains 12 individually wrapped sweet-and-spicy treats, proudly made, according to the website, in the People's Republic of Canada.J&D's

(4) There’s Tex-Mex sriracha.

Taco Bell made waves when it was announced the company was testing a range of sriracha-infused products in test markets. Ultimately, a mash-up sriracha quesarito (which is itself a mash-up of a quesadilla and burrito) saw wide release in February.

(5) There’s is (and is not) a sriracha chip.

Lay’s famously held a contest in search of a new mass market potato chip flavor, and sriracha was hotly thought to be a shoo-in (it lost to "garlic bread" flavor). But other chip makers, including Kettle and Pringles, filled the sriracha-shaped hole and made their own flavored chips.

For heat with a crunch, Kettle brand chips offer a sriracha flavor.Kettle

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