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By Charles Lam and Associated Press

Latinos aren't the only ones seeing big jumps in turnout in early voting, according to Catalist, an analytical data firm that works with Democrats and progressive groups.

Asian-American voters have increased across the board in key states being targeted by both presidential campaigns, Catalist told the Associated Press. Ballots from Asian Americans have roughly doubled in Florida, Arizona, Virginia, and North Carolina, according to Catalist. In Georgia, ballots from the group have almost tripled, the firm said.

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According to a survey released in October, Hillary Clinton held a 41-point advantage among Asian-American voters, with 55 percent planning on voting for her compared to 14 percent for Donald Trump. Twenty-three percent of voters in that survey had not decided who they were going to vote for or had declined to answer. Eight percent planned to vote for a different candidate.

Asian-Americans typically make up about one to two percent of a state's vote share. But they have become more pivotal in closely fought battleground states with larger numbers of their communities, such as Nevada and Virginia.

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