Asian-American and Muslim-American Communities Respond to Lahore Attack

In the aftermath of the attack in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday morning, in which at least 72 people were killed and more than 320 others injured, the Asian-American and Muslim-American communities spoke out on social media to express their outrage, condolences, commentary, questions, and offers to help. Some of the hashtags used included #Lahore, #LahoreBlast, #JeSuisLahore, #LahoreBleeds, #PrayForLahore, #PrayForPakistan, and #MainHoonLahore.

For the Asian-American and Muslim-American community, the attack, which killed and injured mostly women and children, felt personal, as were the condolences and condemnations.

Because of a glitch in the Facebook Safety Check feature, for which Facebook has now apologized, many Facebook users in the United States and United Kingdom were notified of the explosion and asked to check in if they were safe. Some think that, because of the glitch, many more people learned about the attacks than might have otherwise.

Many Asian and Asian-American celebrities and activists spoke out about the attacks.

From a distance, Asian Americans and Muslim Americans reached out to see what they could do to help and held vigils to remember the fallen.

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