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Awesome Asian Bad Guys Reunite to Save the Day in Film Project

Your favorite big screen Asian villains are back. This time, they're the heroes.
\"Awesome Asian Bad Guys\"
Dante Basco in National Film Society’s "Awesome Asian Bad Guys."National Film Society

“We've been touring around the country at film festivals, colleges and community organizations,” said Patrick Epino of The National Film Society about the action comedy web series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys (AABG). “The reception has been awesome as AABG has resonated with Asian Americans, action movie fans, and people who just like comedy.”

Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypianco are the self-described “brainy, offbeat, and ridiculously good looking” duo behind The National Film Society’s Web Series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys.

Instead of the usual movie plot in which the Asian villains make their screen debut fighting -- showcasing impressive martial arts skills but little or no speaking lines -- and then quickly get killed off by the hero, AABG brings together all those Asian villains of the past, who now join forces to save the day.

“We wanted to make this because we grew up watching actors like Al Leong, Yuji Okumoto and George Cheung and thought it would be great to put them in the spotlight,” said Epino. “We looked up to these performers as kids. To us they were the real heroes, and it was an honor to work with them and have them be a part of the project.”

Awesome Asian Bad Guys is expected to be released on digital platforms this fall.