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By Traci G. Lee

When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal entered the 2016 race, actor and best-selling author Aziz Ansari thought it could be his big "Saturday Night Live" moment.

"I finally look like a guy!" Ansari joked Wednesday night on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," recalling his excitement.

But with Jindal's lack of momentum in the race, Ansari's dreams may be dashed. It didn't stop the 32-year-old comedian from having some fun on "The Tonight Show."

"I'm used to appearing on C-SPAN at 2 a.m. right before they start airing those NutriBullet infomercials, so this is crazy!" Ansari, as Jindal, said.

He also poked fun at Jindal for not believing in "any science, period" and, as Jindal, "corrected" Fallon's suggestion that the campaign was not in a good state. "I'm not polling at 1 percent. I was polling at 1 percent, I'm now polling at 2 percent. That's a 100 percent increase. It's a huge difference!"

Later in the show, Ansari gave his take on why Jindal wasn't doing well in the primaries. "I have a theory that he's not Indian," Ansari said. "I don't know any Indian person that would allow himself to lose to that many white people in a contest."

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Ansari also discussed his upcoming Netflix series "Master of None," a comedy that follows his character Dev, an aspiring actor, and that features his own parents in the role of his character's parents.

"I wanted it to feel real, like my parents, so I wrote the characters based on my parents," Ansari said, adding that he would audition actors to play the role of his father and the actors would often read the scenes with an accent, only to thank Ansari at the end of the read with their real, American accents.

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Last month, while promoting "Master of None," Ansari talked about turning down a role in "Transformers" because the character was supposed to speak with an accent. "I don’t have anything against someone who does the accent. I understand. You got to work, and some people don’t think it’s a problem," he said.