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By Jason Y. Lee

When we made "The Bridge," we wanted to bridge the gap within Asian-American families and talk about things that we don't normally talk about — things like love and sex, immigration and intimacy. But more importantly, we wanted to inspire our viewers like you to have similar conversations within your own home.

And that's why we're issuing "The 'L' Word Challenge." We want to ask you to go home and say "I love you" to your parents and film the whole thing.

Guidelines for filming:

  • Shoot on your mobile device horizontally (landscape)
  • Shoot in evenly lit area without too much external noise
  • After saying the L-Word, allow your parent(s) to respond
  • Send us raw footage to: hello@jubileeproject.org without adding any music or effects by Jan. 1, 2017
  • With your submission include your full name, city, state

The Bridge: The 'L' Word

Dec. 8, 201604:40

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