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Cambodian-American Activists Fight 'Model Minority' Stereotype to Address Community Needs

Cambodian-American education activists and community members discuss why there is no “one-mold-fits-all” approach that can address the needs of all.

When it comes to addressing the needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander students, "there isn't a one-mold-fits-all," Ashley Uyeda, a community organizer with Khmer Girls in Action, tells NBC News — a reality apparent in Long Beach, California, home to the largest Cambodian community in the country.

Uyeda and other Cambodian-American community organizers, along with Cambodian-American students, say that there needs to be more awareness about the struggles of their community. According to the Census Bureau, 62% of Cambodian Americans graduate from high school in California; in 2016, California boasted an overall graduation rate of 82%.

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