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By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh, also known as by his alterego Sikh Captain America, has decided to send Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump a postcard. Actually, he has decided to send Trump a postcard each day until the end of Trump's campaign, whether that be the Republican National Convention or election day, using the hashtag #SendSikhNoteToTrump, in what he calls “an exercise in compassionate literary illustrated activism.”

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“The idea was hatched 30,000 feet above the ground as I was traveling to the west coast to host cartoon workshops at a middle school,” Singh told NBC News. “The messages are inspired by my passion for Sikh, Buddhist and Sufi traditions along with the spirit of literary/civil rights giants who made Harlem their home at some point which now happens to be my home. Maya Angelou, Ralph Ellison, Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X to name a few.”

One of the postcards Vishavjit Singh is sending to Donald Trump as part of his #SendingSikhNotetoTrump campaign.Courtesy of Vishavjit Singh

Using Sikh-themed postcards he created years ago for New York Comic Con, and which he recently unearthed while working on his house, Singh is sharing his messages for Trump on social media. He is also inviting others to join him in reaching out to Trump. His only caveat is that messages must not hateful or angry, but rather infused with humor and compassion. “A touch of sarcasm is permitted,” he added.

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“Trump is really good at playing with words and distorting facts,” Singh said. “Besides making sure I cast my vote and make a call to everyone eligible to vote in primaries and November, I am trying to do a literary take down of Trump by channeling the 'goodness' which resides in all of us. My cartooning work, writings and performance art are all focused [on], to quote another Presidential candidate, ‘appealing to the better angels of our nature.’”

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