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Dozens of Groups Sign Letter Demanding Justice for Chaumtoli Huq

Over 60 groups have sent a letter to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio demanding justice for human rights attorney and mother of two, Chaumtoli Huq.
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Over 60 New York civil rights, Muslim, Jewish, Latino, Asian American, African American, women’s, and LGBTQ community organizations have come together to sign a joint letter in support of human rights attorney and mother of two, Chaumtoli Huq, who was arrested in July in New York.

Huq was arrested by NYPD officers for blocking the sidewalk as she waited for her children to use a restaurant bathroom after attending a rally in support of Gaza. Huq alleged she was targeted as a woman of color and filed a federal civil rights suit claiming officers used "unreasonable and wholly unprovoked force."

Groups signing the letter express dismay that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has not answered their call for more police officer accountability, increased transparency, enhanced police training, and cultivating trust with diverse communities.

“The Mayor has snubbed over 60 community-based organizations representing a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers calling for a town hall meeting and basic reforms to community policing,” said Chaumtoli Huq, “In doing so, he has failed New York in his simplest obligation to us."

The letter, submitted last month, references the recent death of Eric Garner, the beating of 84-year-old Kang Chun Wong, and the viral, unintentionally-critical #myNYPD hashtag as evidence supporting their call for “substantive reform that would assure an end to discriminatory tactics and over-policing of communities of color.”

"I would like to see the Mayor host a city-wide town hall meeting,” said Huq, “and hear from communities impacted by over-policing and make immediate reforms to NYPD policing policies."