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Fans and critics agree: ‘Beef’ is one of the best shows of the year

The U.S. series is No. 1 on Netflix for TV shows in the U.S.
Ali Wong as Amy, Steven Yeun as Danny in "Beef."
Ali Wong as Amy and Steven Yeun as Danny in "Beef." Andrew Cooper / Netflix

Netflix’s new series “Beef” is receiving overwhelming praise from critics and fans, with many calling it one of the best shows of 2023.

The series, which debuted Thursday, follows strangers Danny Cho (Steven Yeun), a failing contractor, and Amy Lau (Ali Wong), a successful entrepreneur, as their feud after a road rage incident unravels their relationships and lives in Southern California.

The 10-episode series, which features Asian American lead actors but doesn't make race a focal point, is No. 1 on Netflix’s Top 10 list for TV shows in the U.S. It's No. 3 on Netflix’s Top 10 list for English TV shows overall, with over 34 million hours viewed. 

Lovers of the show applaud it for its writing and its depiction of generational trauma and all-consuming rage. 

Critics are calling the show one of the best they’ve seen and complimenting Yeun and Wong on their performances.

The positive reactions were echoed on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, where audience members gave the series 92% and 8.4/10, respectively. 

“Beef combines drama with action and comedy to create the perfect balance. Great characters, great plot, great cinematography, it is one of the best shows I have seen in a while,” a user said about the series.

“It alternates being very funny and very scary. This is brilliant stuff, unquestionably one of the shows of the year,” another user wrote on Rotten Tomatoes.

The dramedy has also received critical acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 99% rating. 

Reviews on IMDb were just as positive, with thousands of reviewers praising the show.

“This is a series to be experienced organically and uninterrupted. It deserves your undivided attention and your whole heart,” one reviewer wrote.

“I had no idea whatsoever about this series, didn’t recognize the actors, didn’t like the name of the series, yet it kept being shown to me in my suggested ‘watch next’ lists and sometimes they get it right,” another said.

Showrunner Lee Sung Jin posted his gratitude on Instagram for the show’s success and the work put in by the production team and crew. 

“Thank you to everyone who got us to #1,” he wrote in his post. “I won’t speak on how incredible they are at their craft because imho you can see that in the show. But what you don’t see on screen is their generosity, kindness and compassion. Truly the best.”

Netflix and the creative team for “Beef” have also decided to seek a Emmy Awards consideration as a limited or anthology series instead of a comedy, Variety reported.