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FCC Deadline Passes But Debate Rages On Over Net Neutrality

The FCC's deadline for public comments has passed, but the debate over net neutrality and the potential impact on communities of color rages on.

“The FCC deadline has passed, but that doesn't mean the fight is over,” said leaders from Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) activist group, 18MillionRising, who hosted a #Fight4NetRights Twitter Chat this week on net neutrality to continue to push for minority voices to be considered as the FCC considers public opinion.

Participants in the chat were invited to discuss strategies for ensuring their interests will be considered as a policy is formed. The FCC received 3.7 million comments as officials weigh whether broadband companies should be allowed to charge some websites for faster access to customers.

Already, the issue has divided groups dedicated to advocating for communities of color, with both sides arguing that a free and open internet is central to their constituents, while disagreeing on the means to achieving that goal.

Participants in the Twitter chat discussed the importance of free, unfettered access to the internet, particularly for communities of color and minorities who feel their issues and perspectives are not often included in the broader, mainstream discussion. A selection of tweets from the discussion is below.