Frustration Switches to Sarcasm with ‘Muslim Apologies’ Hashtag

While Muslim leaders around the world and British youth, tweeting with #NotInMyName, have been quick to denounce radical extremists like the Islamic State and their actions, others have been quietly aggravated over why all Muslims should feel compelled to apologize every time a crime is committed by extremists in the name of Islam.

When other religions' leaders and members don't apologize for actions committed in the name of their faith, frustrated Muslims ask, why should ours?

Their irritation has now found an outlet. Similar to the #MuslimRage campaign that swept through the Twitterverse after an incendiary Newsweek cover with the same title (which inspired the solidarity of #KoreanRage), Muslims are challenging stereotypes by confronting them head-on with history and humor in the form of public "apologies" with the #MuslimApologies hashtag.

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