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Google and Adobe Develop New Font for East Asian Languages

Adobe and Google released a new font that streamlines the appearance of characters in Japanese, Korean, as well as simplified and traditional Chinese.

Over a billion people now have access to a new font, thanks to Adobe and Google. The font, called Source Hans Sans by Adobe and Noto Sans CJK by Google, is an open-source typeface family for East Asian languages, according to statements released Tuesday by the two companies.

The new font, which will serve approximately a quarter of the world's population, will support Japanese, Korean and both simplified and traditional Chinese. The typeface also includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters to accommodate foreign words.

Tuesday’s release was the result of more than three years of work, according to Adobe’s post on its Typekit blog. The fonts will accommodate for regional variations in glyphs and were engineered to read well both in print and on a multitude of devices, from laptops to smartphones. To help the two tech giants in designing the fonts, three East Asian type foundries aided the effort, Google said in its own announcement.

Adobe will hold the copyright for the fonts, and they will be available for free download via Typekit, a site that provides fonts through a free subscription.


— Jacob Passy