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By Charles Lam

If Ms. Marvel ran into Donald Trump into the street, she would have strong words for the Republican presidential frontrunner.

During an interview on NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Tuesday to discuss Marvel Comic's latest character to use the Ms. Marvel name, Pakistani- and Muslim-American Kamala Khan, Sana Amanat speculated on what Khan would say to Trump.

"The first thing that she would say is that he's doing such irreparable damage to young Americans and minorities everywhere," Amanat, Marvel's Director of Content and Character Development, said. "Words and images are really powerful, and these young kids are having a perception of themselves that's not true, and that's dangerous."

She continued, "Then she'd probably fly off with the Avengers and save the world from actual bad guys and prove him wrong about who Muslims actually are."

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Amanat, whose credits also include the development of half-black, half-Hispanic Spider-Man Miles Morales, also discussed Marvel Comic's upcoming story lines as well as theories that surrounded the creation of the Kamala Khan character.

"The nefarious plan is that I infiltrated the government via Marvel Comics to push the Muslim Brotherhood's mission of propagating Islamic Sharia Law within the land," Amanat joked. "If you touch the comic, you do become Muslim."

Meyers, laughing, responded, "You know, I read it, and I didn't realize until the 12th or 13th page that this is a trap, and I fell for it."

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