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'I do not have a boyfriend': Lunar New Year masks shut down nosy relatives

A Singaporean lifestyle brand released a line of masks for those getting grilled during Chinese New Year.

For young people fed up with the line of inquiry centered on when they'll get married, a new mask might answer the question before it's asked.

WhenIWasFour, a lifestyle brand based in Singapore, recently released a line of masks meant to stave off prying aunties during Chinese New Year. The masks, written in Chinese lettering, address all the common questions people might get at their family get-togethers.

“Happy new year. I do not have a boyfriend, I do not have a girlfriend.”

“Happy new year. I still do not want to get married.”

“Happy new year, I still do not want to have a child.”

The bright red masks are meant to be a fun and practical addition to the line, Li Ling, a spokesperson from WhenIWasFour, said.

“Asking young adults about their relationship status is a seemingly routine practice amongst the elders in Singaporean families," Ling said. "Which is why we wanted to spice up this Chinese New Year for our dear young adults with these masks that they can wear in response to their nosy relatives’ questions."

But it’s all in good fun, and Ling said she hopes, despite the real societal pressures behind the masks’ phrases, they’re mostly meant to bring a smile to everyone’s faces during the holidays.

Even with Covid-19 making gatherings and travel impossible in many countries, the brand says the masks can be a fun part of small, masked get-togethers if official guidelines permit. “We made these masks with the intention of being a small joke young adults or couples can play."