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Jeremy Lin Meets the Girl With the Jeremy Lin Tattoo

Christensen attributes her tattoo to a prank by a stranger on the internet.
Image: Jeremy Lin
Charlotte Hornets' Jeremy Lin talks to fans on the court following an NBA basketball game against the Atlanta Hawks, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, in Atlanta.David Goldman / AP, file

Holland Christensen, the woman who accidentally got NBA player Jeremy Lin’s name tattooed in Chinese characters on her ankle, finally got to meet him Monday night following the Charlotte Hornets' game four playoff win against the Miami Heat.

Christensen, who attributed her tattoo to a prank by a stranger on the internet, described the “series of mistakes that led to this fail” in a video she uploaded to YouTube earlier this month. She has tried to make the best of a bad situation, becoming a fan of the NBA, the Hornets, and Lin himself.

Christensen chose a good time to become a fan: Lin’s performance recently is reminiscent of his 2012 winning streak with the New York Knicks that led fans to coin the term “Linsanity.” The Hornets defeated the Heat on Monday to tie their playoff series at two games a piece and on Saturday’s game two, which Christensen also attended.

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The new fan was determined to wait by the players’ locker room until she met Lin, encountering his brother, and other basketball stars, including Michael Jordan, Dikembe Mutomo, and Kemba Walker. She didn't meet Lin, though, until one of his friends recognized her and brought her to meet her tattoo’s namesake.

She tweeted that the meeting brought “closure” on her tattoo, adding, “I turned a mistake into something good.”

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