By Emil Guillermo

If you Google anything today then you already know.

It’s Nellie Bly’s 151st birthday.

Born Elizabeth Cochran on this day in 1864 in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa., she became an intrepid reporter whose 72-day around the world trip in 1889 helped smash gender stereotypes. It was just one of many assignments that would establish her as an American original. Today, Bly is known as a true voice of the voiceless, one who exposed her readers to the hidden truths of her time.

To honor Bly, the space above Google's search box is adorned with the first ever original song commissioned by Team Google Doodle, and it features a unique blend of Asian-American talents.

The original song, '"Oh, Nellie," by South Korean-born American Karen O (born as Karen Lee Orzolek) - lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - tells the story of Bly in an 81-second animation that features the visual art of Katy Wu.

“Somebody’s gotta stand up and tell them what a girl is good for,” the song begins amid a background of vintage newsprint. “We got to speak up for those who’ve been told to shut up.”

Through Wu’s animation we’re all taken around the world, and follow Bly’s life.

When it ends, Karen O delivers the inspired phrase: “Oh Nellie, you showed us just what you would do.”