Marvel Smashes Diversity Barrier With Korean-American Hulk

Hulk smash…racial boundaries!

Marvel recently revealed that a Korean-American character would become the new Hulk in the upcoming Totally Awesome Hulk.

The character, Amadeus Cho, will be a familiar one to fans of Hulk and the Avengers. According to Cho’s fictional character history, he’s a teenage genius (purported to be one of the smartest humans in the Marvel universe) who quickly befriends the Bruce Banner Hulk after the latter saved his life.

The series is part of Marvel’s so-called All New, All Different line of comics, which are new takes on existing Marvel franchises, meant to make the convoluted Marvel universe more accessible to new readers.

Adding to the significance of having a Korean-American Hulk is the fact that the superhero will be written and drawn by actual Korean-Americans -- writer Greg Pak, who created Amadeus Cho, and writer and illustrator Frank Cho.

“…This felt like a natural next step for both the Amadeus and the Hulk stories. It wasn’t what we imagined 10 years ago when we created the character, that this is exactly where he would end up. But just given the character’s history, it makes total sense,” Cho told Entertainment Weekly.

The title is set to debut in December of 2015.

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