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One of China's Dancing Grannies Thwarts Armed Robbery Attempt

"I pity the fool that has a run-in with my mother."
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China's dancing grannies have been under attack by annoyed neighbors -- yelled at, set upon with water balloons, and threatened with angry dogs.

Those neighbors might want to think twice.

One of the dancing grannies -- a group of middle-aged women who gather in public spaces across China to dance to pop music as exercise -- reportedly took down an armed jewelry thief, mid-heist, last week.

According to the Global Times, a 35-year old man named Zhou entered a jewelry store in Taizhou, brandishing a knife. The store owner's elderly mother was chatting with a neighbor outside the shop, and sensed something was amiss. She rushed the robber, grabbing his arm from behind. A salesman then used a taser to subdue him.

The robber reportedly later asked police how the older woman was so strong. "Does she practice kung fu or something?"

The store owner replied that his mother kept in shape group dancing with other grannies.

"I pity the fool that has a run-in with my mother," said the owner.