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Is Chang Han the Modern Renaissance Man?

\"Professional party guy\" Chang Han is back, this time with a new restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.
"Professional party guy" Chang Han is back, this time with a new restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.YouTube/Sexy Enough for Chang

In the fast-gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, a new, hip restaurant opening would hardly be news outside of a few dedicated food blogs and specialist magazines dedicated to the locavore scene.

But Chang Han is a man that refuses to be overlooked, whether its for his alleged out-of-the-kitchen antics (he supposedly wrestles co-eds at his other East Village operation) or for his “shady” interviews.

Han is opening Amancay Diner in Bushwick, a 24-hour spot with all the standard young people fare: tacos, burger, salads and the like. In what is apparently classic Han fashion, the diner also has a “spin the bottle” table, inspired from an especially riveting memory from the 48-year-old.

Han is part of a tradition of Asian-American provocateurs whose personalities outgrow their day jobs. Artist David Choe, is part graffiti-artist, part transmedia stuntman, and cohosts a podcast with adult film star Asa Akira. Choe was subject to a documentary called Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe, chronicling the winding path his life and career has taken.

Fellow restauranteur Danny Bowien became a minor star in his own right, featuring in ads for clothing giant Uniqlo, and opening, closing, and reopening his acclaimed Mission Chinese restaurant.

Han himself is subject to upcoming documentary, Sexy Enough For Chang, which follows Chang - wife and family in tow - as they tour the country with a group of Danish musicians.

Press for the diner itself has been mixed. But for Han, it all seems part of the plan.

Talking to DNAInfo, Han admitted, “I’m a professional party guy."