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By Minh Nguyen

LeBron James might be starring in "Space Jam 2," but Jeremy Lin is ready to take his spot in the subsequent sequel. In a newly released video on Ryan Higa’s YouTube channel, Lin plays himself in the fictional “Space Jam 3: Anime Edition.”

In the video, Lin retires from his basketball career and falls into a world where he meets characters like Naruto (played by Higa), Sailor Moon, Goku from “Dragon Ball,” and Yugi from “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Similar to the "Space Jam" movie, these cartoon characters have a basketball team called the “Toon Squad” and use Jeremy Lin's help to defeat a rival basketball team called the “Anime All-Stars.” Sprinkled throughout the video are jokes about Jeremy Lin's identity as an Asian-American basketball player and his lack of NBA fame relative to "Space Jam" stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

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Lin's involvement in the video continues a longstanding friendship between Jeremy Lin and Ryan Higa. In an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit, Jeremy Lin admitted his long-time interest in starting his own YouTube channel in Los Angeles. The interest in this YouTube channel led to his meeting with Ryan Higa and Kevin Wu of KevJumba fame years prior. On Lin’s official YouTube page, which now has 23 videos, the first two videos are collaborations with KevJumba and Ryan Higa.

While "Space Jam 3: Anime Edition" is already out, "Space Jam 2" is currently still in pre-production. The film, which stars LeBron James and has director Justin Lin attached to the project, has no announced release date.

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