Is South Korea’s ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ Show Coming to America?

A popular South Korean variety show is reportedly being adapted for American network television.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has bought the rights to the popular show “Grandpas Over Flowers” and it will soon be remade for an American audience.

“Grandpas Over Flowers” debuted last year on the Korean channel TvN. The show followed four veteran South Korean actors (Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyun and Baek Il Sub) as they backpacked through Europe with a young guide, documenting each step of the journey along the way.

A hit since its debut, the show has already inspired two spin-offs including an all-female version called Sisters Over Flowers.

The Korean entertainment company CJ E&M announced the deal on Wednesday. The American version of show will reportedly be titled "Better Late Than Never" and will feature four veteran actors backpacking across Asia.

NBC has not made any announcements about the new show.