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Meet Chloe Chik, the Student in Hillary Clinton's 2016 Video

/ Source: NBC News

That young, Asian-American woman looking for a job in Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign announcement video released last week is 20-year-old college student Chloe Portia Chik.

“Right now I’m applying for jobs,” Chik says in the video. “It’s a look into what the real world will look like after college.”

Chik, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, now a student at NYU, says she was contacted by a production company but had no idea they were working for the Clinton campaign.

“They said they were looking for someone college age, female, and a Democrat for Hillary,” said Chik, who says she's been a Hillary supporter since she was 14-years old.

“They wanted to talk about college and that transition period in your life,“ Chik said. “And that was the main theme in the video, transitioning into different roles, leading up to Hillary transitioning into her run for president.”

Chik's part was unscripted, unpaid, and shot just a week before the video release. She wasn't sure, she said, if she would make the final edit.

Last Sunday morning, Chik got an e-mail notification that the video was going up, but not that she would be on it. Ten minutes later, the announcement video was mass-emailed to the public.

“I was in shock just like everyone else," said Chik. “My friend called me and joked, ‘you’re the token Asian on the Hillary video.' Another said, ‘Your face is on the ‘Daily Show.’”

Chik says she's both amazed and embarrassed by her newfound notoriety. She continues to look for and apply for jobs in the political communications field.