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Student Wearing Pakistani Tunic Ejected from Trump Rally

A video of Saqib H. Javed being ejected from a rally for Donald Trump has been viewed over 50,000 since it was published on March 4.
Saqib H. Javed, who was ejected from a Donald Trump rally on March 4.
Saqib H. Javed, who was ejected from a Donald Trump rally on March 4.Courtesy of Saqib H. Javed

Wayne State University student Saqib H. Javed, 22, was removed from a Donald Trump rally in Warren, Michigan, last Friday after protesting the prospective Republican presidential candidate.

A video of Javed, wearing sunglasses and an embroidered black Pakistani tunic called a sherwani, being escorted out of the rally while yelling, "Not all Mexicans are rapists. Not all Muslims are terrorists," has attracted attention online, with many people commenting on his choice of clothing and hair. The video, which Javed posted March 4, has been viewed over 50,000 times.

“I planned to wear my sherwani to the Trump rally to represent all the minorities in this country and to remind Trump that this is not only a country full of white people,” Javed told NBC News. “America is a melting pot full of people of different diversities, religions, ethnicities, and races. I went to the rally to raise the voices of the minority. I want Trump to realize that it is not OK to publicly bash minorities such as labeling all Muslims as terrorists, making ISIS the main representation of Islam, or saying all Mexicans are rapists.”

Video footage shows Donald Trump saying, "He looks like an Elvis impersonator. That's strange because the Elvis impersonators loved Donald Trump. They love me. That's very sad. That makes me very unhappy," as Javed is removed.

“My message to Muslim Americans is don't fear," Javed said. "Change people's views about Muslims through kind actions. My message to American Trump supporters is do not let hate divide us. We need a president that builds bridges, not a wall.”

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Javed, who was voted “most likely to change the world” by classmates at Warren Mott High School in 2012, is currently a criminal justice major and hopes to become the first Pakistani-American Muslim president of the United States.

“I will win the people with kindness, exposing the lies that Donald Trump has been feeding the people,” he said.

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