'The Voice' Contestant Daria Jazmin is No Stranger to Performing

by Michael D. Nguyen /  / Updated 
Image: The Voice - Season 9
Daria Jazmin auditions for "The Voice," September 28, 2015.Tyler Golden/NBC / Getty Images

Long before turning three chairs on NBC's "The Voice," Daria Jazmin was surrounded by the arts.

“I’m so blessed that my parents are supportive of an entertainment [and] singing career,” Jazmin (born Daria Khong) told NBC News. "I think it’s because my parents both have jobs that are super passionate and it’s something they love to do. I think being a piano teacher and a preacher, that’s something your heart wants to do."

Image: The Voice - Season 9
THE VOICE -- Season: 9 -- Pictured: Daria JazminNBC / Getty Images
"I want to be a pop singer but still soulful. I feel that’s just being a universal artist."

Last month, the 27-year-old singer appeared on "The Voice," where she passed the blind audition portion of the singing competition where contestants perform for the show's four celebrity judges and are either picked for a "team" or eliminated. The singers compete in a series of performances and live shows that ultimately ends with a cash prize and recording contract for the winner.

Jazmin's rendition of Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" caught the attention of three of the four judges, and she ended up on the team of producer and rapper Pharrell Williams.

It was humble beginnings for the Los Angeles-based Jazmin, the youngest of four girls in the family. Growing up in a one-story house, Jazmin and her three older sisters--Nadia, Felicia, and Celia--shared a single bedroom.

But the support of their parents, combined with regular Sunday gigs in front of Jazmin’s father’s congregation, that sparked and honed a performing fire. The four eventually formed the Jazmin Sisters, a name that "was inspired by the sisters’ jazz influence and the Asian Jasmine flower which symbolizes happiness," according to the pop group's website.

The sisters were inspired early in their careers by a love of '90s R&B, boy bands, and classic soul sounds. Jazmin highlights Michael Jackson as a key influence on her personal singing style.

"[Michael Jackson] really knew how to capture an audience,” Jazmin said. "When he sang, it was pop, but it was really soulful and I think that’s what I want to bring to the stage. I want to be a pop singer but still soulful. I feel that’s just being a universal artist."

The Jazmin Sisters found some success on television, with stints on MTV’s "Top Pop Group" and NBC’s "America’s Got Talent," as well as national radio play with their single, “You."

In 2013, the Jazmin Sisters released an EP, “‘90s Baby,” built around the sisters’ musical inspirations.

With her family's blessing, Jazmin decided to strike out on her own (though she notes she still considers herself part of the sisters' group) with a shot at "The Voice."

Image: The Voice - Season 9
"Team Pharrell" -- Pictured: (l-r) Amy Vachal, Siahna Im, Amanda Preslar, Jubal Lee Young, Madi Davis, Riley Biederer, Evan McKeel, Mark Hood, Ivonne Acero, Pharrell Williams, Darius Scott, Celeste Brown, Sydney Rhame, Daria JazminTrae Patton/NBC / Getty Images

She adds that she know her appearance on the show might attract a special kind of fan. "Growing up as a little Chinese girl, I always looked on the TV screen and I never saw anyone who looked like me. I never saw anyone who sang, especially," she said.

"I’ve been seeing little fan videos…and I saw a little Asian girl singing along," Jazmin said. "That, to me, blew my mind."

Jazmin will continue her "Voice" journey as the show kicks off "Battle Rounds" Monday night.