Watch Wong Fu Productions Hang Out (and Rap!) with Tom Hanks

If you've ever wondered whether Tom Hanks remembers that rap from his 1988 film "Big," your question is about to be answered.

During their visit to Florence, Italy earlier this month, Wong Fu Productions co-founders and YouTube stars Philip Wang and Wesley Chan got the opportunity to meet Hanks and director Ron Howard (who were both in Italy promoting their new film, "Inferno"), and Wang had a special request for Hanks.

"I grew up watching 'Big,' and I really, really loved that movie. For some reason, I ended up memorizing the rap," Wang told Hanks. "Would you do that with me?"

Hanks' answer: "Yeah, let's do it."

The result: a word-perfect recreation, complete with a fake gut punch at the end.

"My hand was, like, shaking," Wang said to the camera after the two parted ways with Hanks and Howard. Wang and Chan said in their vlog that they were more nervous to meet Hanks than when they met President Obama in 2011.

"I'm so happy that Ron Howard also didn't know the song because we ended up bonding in the back snapping our fingers," Chan joked.

Wong Fu Productions recently finished releasing their series "Single By 30," which was produced by Howard's company New Form Digital, on YouTube Red. The eight-episode season stars "Glee" actor Harry Shum Jr., and singer-songwriter Kina Grannis.

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