Beatboxing teen displays big bass in viral video

It's rare these days to hear a musician do anything vocally without realizing that Auto-Tune or some sort of electronic filter has altered the singer's true voice. That makes this video of Belgian beatboxer BigBen all the more impressive.

You don't have to be a fan of electronic music or dubstep or hip-hop or any other musical genre that might sample beatbox elements to be wowed by the noise coming out of BigBen. The 19-year-old says in his video description that he's been beatboxing since he was 3 1/2 ... and that he ate pasta the day before this performance, for what that's worth.

The depth of the bass is surely what's attracting viewers to his YouTube clips. You can almost imagine the sound rattling the windows of a car with way too much bump in the trunk.

If you're new to beatbox, most of what you need to know about its history can be linked to the name Doug E. Fresh. It's fun to watch his 27-year-old video after watching BigBen do his thing.

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