Beyonce documentary – how much is too much?

The opening of the teaser trailer for Beyonce's as-yet-untitled documentary begins with the music star posing a question: "I always battled with, 'how much do I reveal myself?'" 

Given that the documentary stars Beyonce and is also directed by Beyonce, it's fair to say the answer is some variation of "very much."

What unfolds in the following 20-or-so seconds of the trailer is a mashup of images ranging from concert clips, to Beyonce sans makeup, to shots of what appears to be her growing belly from her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. HBO is describing the film, which debuts Feb. 16, as an "intimate feature-length" documentary.

Even though the singer has been increasingly transparent of late -- her Tumblr blog is frequently updated with personal photos and opinion -- this level of openness is still a departure. After all, we're talking about a celebrity who once girded her privacy so carefully she did not even reveal details of her 2008 wedding to Jay-Z until 2011.

Once you let the public in, it's pretty tough to ask the public to leave. So, are you happy to see a successful celeb share more, or does this open up a Pandora's Box for Beyonce? Share your thoughts on Facebook.

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