Blissful’ mom Jessica Simpson shares first look at baby Maxwell

Jessica Simpson and Maxwell People

Just weeks after giving birth to her first child, entertainer-turned-entrepreneur-turned-new-mom Jessica Simpson is giving the world its first glimpse of her baby girl.

Simpson, who reportedly earned $850,000 in an exclusive photo deal with People magazine, spoke to the publication and can be seen cuddling daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson on the cover of the new issue.

"She's on cloud nine," People's assistant managing editor, Kate Coyne, revealed during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY. "She's really at peace. She's loving motherhood. There have been really no major bumps in the road. This is everything she dreamed it would be."

In fact, according to Coyne, Simpson's so happy that despite having a deal with Weight Watchers in the works, she isn't even worried about her post-baby body.

"She doesn't care what her hair looks like, what her gut looks like," Coyne insisted. "She is really content just to be with her little girl."

As for that Weight Watchers arrangement, that will have to wait.

"She'll still has a few weeks to go before she is able to embark on anything like that," Coyne said. "But she has every confidence in the world that she'll get back to that when it's time. Right now, that's not her focus. … She's in such a blissful place right now that I'm sure if the question was put to her 'Exactly how many pounds do have to lose?' she'd have no idea. She's too happy to even think about a scale."

Right now, Maxwell is the focus. And for those still wondering how Simpson's bundle of joy ended up with that name, Coyne covered that as well.

"That is her (fiancé Eric Johnson's) mother's maiden name," she explained. "It's her fiancé's middle name as well, so it's rooted in family history and they just loved it very early on."

And, of course, they love the little girl now carrying that name.

"We stare at her all the time," Simpson told People. "We can't get enough!"

The new issue of People hits newsstands Friday.

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