Bradley Cooper speaks French, proves he’s still worthy of Sexiest title

Bradley Cooper may have passed People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive torch to successor Channing Tatum earlier this week, but Cooper doesn't need an official sexy title to prove his appeal. All he has to do is speak … in French.

Bradley Cooper: Mom compares me to angry character

OK, sure, the actor's English is pretty swoon-worthy too, but when the Cooper switched to his second language during his Friday morning visit to TODAY, there was no denying that it works for the star.

And as if speaking the language of love wasn't enough, Cooper also pulls out all the stops in his new film, "Silver Linings Playbook," by showing off his ballroom dancing moves alongside co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

Waltzes and tangos aside, his character in "Playbook," Pat, isn't quite as charming as Cooper is in real life. After all, Pat struggles to cope with anger and day-to-day life after leaving a mental institution. Still, despite the obvious differences, Cooper's own mother saw some parallels between her son's off-screen persona and the one on-screen.

"He's got anger management issues and a song can trigger a violent episode -- yeah, it's very autobiographic," he joked. "I took that (comparison by my mom) harshly, I've got say, because she meant it. I walked downstairs after we did a very intense scene and that's when she said, 'Bradley, it's like you're not acting.' And I thought, 'What does that say?!'"

See for yourself when "Silver Linings Playbook," also starring Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker, opens in theaters nationwide Nov. 21. And to see more memorable moments from Cooper -- from sports talk to Barry Manilow mentions -- check out the clip above.

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