Breaking Bad’ star goes on profane rant against airline

Dean Norris had a bad experience with Delta Airlines, and let the whole Twitter world know about it. Chris Pizzello / AP file

We've all been there: An airline messes with your flight plans via mechanical difficulties, staffing problems, seemingly random rescheduling or other groan-inducing, life-affecting woes. This week, it happened to "Breaking Bad" star Dean Norris, who plays DEA agent and Walt's brother-in-law Hank Schrader, and he let the whole Twitter universe know about it.

Don't read through Norris' Twitter stream if you're sensitive to profanity. He wields the f-word like a baseball bat, with fans even tweeting at him encouraging him to swear at them. 

On Saturday, a frustrated Norris tweeted, "Delta airlines SUCKS. wish I had a more intense word for suck to describe how much they SUCK," with a profanity-filled hashtag to accompany his thoughts.

Next, Norris retweeted a fan's tweet that informed him "Delta stands for 'don't ever leave the airport.'" Other fans chimed in, suggesting the airline's name stood for "Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive" or "Doesn't Everybody Like This Airliner?"

On Wednesday, Norris was still mad, tweeting "Back on (expletive) hole Delta 2nd flight 3 days delayed cause missing flight attendant!!!what a (expletive) company hub system=no choice=(expletive)."

That's when Delta jumped in to try and smooth things over, tweeting at Norris from its @DeltaAssist account, "@DeanJNorris I'm terribly sorry for your travel experience. Pls follow and DM your confirmation number. I'd like to make things right."

An airline spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Rodney Ho that the airline promised Norris it would "make further amends down the road."

Things looked up, though, a little later, when Norris tweeted a photo of himself at a Delta desk with two uniformed employees, writing "Just kidding. LOVE DELTA. Please don't spit in my drinks."

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