Carrie Underwood’s 12-year-old smoocher ‘fesses up: He hasn’t washed his lips yet

If you're the kid who got pulled up on stage by Carrie Underwood for your first-ever kiss, and you have the guts to request that it be "lip-to-lip," well, the next day of school is going to be interesting.

Kid kissed by Carrie Underwood wanted to 'get it right'

"It was crazy," Chase Kurnick, the12-year-old recipient of that now-famous first kiss, said of the frenzy that surrounded him as he tried to get to class. "It took me like five minutes to get to one class down the hallway. They were just fist-bumping me, high-fiving me -- everyone's like 'I'm so jealous.'"

Kurnick joined TODAY's Willie Geist and Savannah Guthrie Friday to talk about his once-in-a-lifetime encounter, which began when he attended Underwood's Saturday night show in Louisville, Ky. and held up a sign asking her to be his first kiss. (He also brought the sign to TODAY.) Underwood agreed, and ushered him onstage. Kurnick's parents, sitting in seats nearby at the show (and standing to the side during Chase's interview), were stunned. 

"My thought was, 'Well, of course (it's happening),'" said dad John. "Chase was determined, but we were shocked that it actually happened."

And he wasn't going to put up with a friendly little smooch: "I wasn't just going to go up there and get just a little kiss on the cheek. If I'm going to get it, I'm gonna get it right," he said.

For those wondering, yes, Chase (who wore a T-shirt with the hashtag #liptolip on it) has brushed his teeth -- but not washed his lips. And he has his sights set on another star, if she's willing to pucker up:

"Selena Gomez," he said.

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