Cee Lo, Muppets get in the holiday spirit with ‘All I Need Is Love’ video

Cee Lo Green. Muppets. What more do you need? Well, according to "The Voice" coach and musician, "All I Need Is Love," the title track to the awesome music video in which he stars alongside everyone's favorite cloth creatures.

The video, which popped up Monday on YouTube via PitchforkTV, features Cee Lo pulling up in front of the Muppet house (dressed in an odd, if festive, red pleather coat) after getting lost on his way to an Atlanta Christmas party. Naturally, the Muppets invite him in and chaos (including flying fish and the appearance of Santa, played by "The Office's" Craig Robinson) ensues. Other things to look for include:

  • a smartphone Kermit case held by Walter (of last year's "The Muppets")
  • the Muppets' "Mahna Mahna" tune sampled in
  • a Muppet of Cee Lo himself
  • a possible recreation of the Last Supper in one scene (suggested by Lee Mills at MySpace)

It's a ripping good nearly seven minutes (be sure to stick around for the credits, with more Muppet mania), and just the way to kick off the holiday season. (And for those who want the song all by itself, it's from Green's "Cee Lo's Magic Moment" Christmas album.)

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