Charlie Sheen’s lawyer strips club of VIP room named in actor’s honor

An unauthorized Charlie Sheen room has closed its doors at one strip club. Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Strip clubs aren't usually in the business of laughs, but a New York topless spot thought it would be a hoot to name one of its VIP rooms after an actor known for his nightlife escapades. Charlie Sheen's lawyer, however, thought otherwise, according to the New York Post.

"The Charlie Sheen Room" at Cheetah's was reportedly set up in 2011, shortly after Sheen made headlines over leaving "Two and a Half Men," having tiger blood and of course, "winning!" The room was wallpapered with photos of the actor, and guests who forked over $250 could dine inside -- eating sushi off of one of the club's "goddesses."

"We figured it would be comical," Sam Zerkha, president Cheetah's parent company, told the Post.

Sheen's lawyer Marty Singer wasn't laughing. He slapped the gentlemen's club with a cease-and-desist order. Zerkha said the lawyer claimed "the usage of (Sheen's) name would be detrimental to his persona. They said they would sue us for millions if we carried on."

That proved to be a persuasive argument. Even though Zerkha felt the room could only "elevate (Sheen's) image," he shut it down.

But the actor's lawyer wants to make one thing clear: The cease-and-desist action had nothing to do with protecting Sheen's already-racy reputation.

"You can't use any celebrity name to promote a business without permission," Singer said. "They had no right to use his name."

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