China’s Angelababy Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery, Doctor Testifies

BEIJING — One of China's most prominent celebrities had her face examined by a doctor Thursday after a judge ordered the inspection to resolve a dispute over whether or not she had undergone plastic surgery.

Image: Actress Angelababy
Actress Angelababy attends a commercial event on July 28, 2015 in Shanghai, China. ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Yeung Wing, a 26-year old actress and model who goes by the stage name “Angelababy," underwent a battery of X-rays and a physical examination by a plastic surgeon to determine whether she had ever gone under the knife.

Angelababy — who is one of China’s most famous women — sued a Beijing beauty clinic that published an article alleging that she had undergone plastic surgery.

The actress has demanded around $80,000 in compensation from the Ruili clinic for defamation.

The surgeon’s final assessment: no cosmetic surgery had been performed on the actress from Shanghai.

The announcement set off an instant firestorm of debate on social media, where the topic #Angelababy rocketed up to the fourth-most discussed topic on China’s twitter-like service, Weibo.

Hours after the story came out, over 33,000 comments debating the veracity of the medical examination were viewed over 100 million times as both “Baby’s” supporters and detractors went to war.

"Baby did not have any cosmetic surgery. Looks are bound to change from when you are a teenager to an adult!" wrote one Weibo user.

"The one who dislikes you won't ever like you even if you didn't do the plastic surgery. So there is no need for all this attention getting," wrote another.

Even Angelababy’s long-term partner and husband of one week, prominent actor Huang Xiaoming, has weighed in on the debate in recent months, commenting in an interview last year that his new bride "sometimes looks quite ugly."

Image: Actor Huang Xiaoming and actress Angelababy pose during their wedding
Actor Huang Xiaoming and actress Angelababy pose during their wedding in Shanghai on October 8. ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Commenting on Huang’s statement, one commenter on Weibo glibly noted: “We will know the truth when they have a baby.”

The Beijing court has yet to officially rule on the defamation case.

Plastic surgery has become perceived as not only as a way to enhance beauty, but to improve career prospects in China.

A popular Chinese photo app called “BeautyCam” even helps those who want to evoke an Angelababy look in their selfies. It has been downloaded more than 300 million times.

The "Angelababy" moniker is an amalgamation of Yeung's English name and her nickname.