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'McRefugees': McDonald's Shelters Hong Kong's Homeless

Hong Kong’s homeless find clean, safe and free overnight sanctuary at 24-hour McDonald’s branches across the city.
Image: A man sleeps at 24-hour McDonald's in Hong Kong
REILE - ADDING STATEMENT FROM MCDONALD'S A man sleeps at a 24-hour McDonald's restaurant in Hong Kong, China November 11, 2015. A large number of homeless people sleeping on the street has long been been a problem in Hong Kong mainly due to its high rents and soaring property prices. In recent years, the opening of McDonald's 24-hour fast food restaurants all over the city have become popular alternatives for homeless people known as McRefugees or McSleepers to spend the night in a safer and more comfortable way than on the street. McDonald’s Hong Kong said in a statement that it is accommodating to people staying long in the restaurant for their own respective reasons, while striking a good balance to ensure that customers enjoy their dining experience. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY TYRONE SIU / Reuters