Comment of the Week: Fuss over fake George Bush head was overblown

According to the "Game of Thrones" creators, George Bush's head appears in several beheading scenes in season one. HBO

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On "'Game of Thrones' put Bush's head on a stake"

Shannon Ford: "I applaud their recycling of heads, ha ha ha. I myself am not that creative when I remember to recycle. This is in poor taste but severed heads usually ARE. You guys SHOULD be upset by severed heads, but not JUST presidential severed heads, so your reaction is only half-correct. If you aren't upset by Ned's head ... does that make you a hypocrite? He was KINGS HAND. It's sort of like Vice President! Please stop reading into everything. Not everything has a hidden agenda, and it's not all a conspiracy.. Just good old capitalism at work."

On ''Gone With the Wind' actress Ann Rutherford dies'

Eric Lively: "So sorry about this. I met her one time and she was so sweet and nice and really enjoyed her fans. I'm glad I got to meet her. Olivia de Havillland is the only one left and Alicia Rhett who played India Wilkes as far as the grown up stars from the movie."

On "The pop world needs Justin Bieber"

Sharon Odom: "You know we all had our teen idols and we drove our parents crazy! We probably even promised not to vilify the young stars our kids would idolize one day. Well, here we are and what are we doing? The exact thing our parents did! My daughter is five and heaven only knows who she is going to go nuts over. I just hope I remember to let her have her fun and wear earplugs."

On 'New and old 'Dallas' cast gears up for reboot'

Carolyn King: "I wish it was on a channel I could see, not some TNT cable channel. I would be thrilled it came back. I hope it doesn't turn into the flop other shows brought back do so many times, like that 'Hawaii 5-0' prissy whiny boys junk. I want a GOOD new 'Dallas' as exciting as the old one, even though I can't see it!"