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Michigan Girl, 11, Scares Off Burglary Suspects After Pulling Shotgun

The Lapeer County girl may have foiled an area burglary ring after police managed to capture the suspects who broke into her family's home last month.

An 11-year-old Michigan girl found herself in a scary situation when a pair of burglars busted into her house while she was home alone. But this was no Hollywood movie, and the girl took matters into her own hands when she found a way to scare off the suspects, reported NBC affiliate WEYI in Flint.

The girl, identified as Reese, was alone three weeks ago when she heard someone banging loudly on the door at her rural North Branch Township home. Two people were circling the house, and eventually broke through the garage door to get inside, the family told the station. Reese remembered her father's advice that if anything was wrong, she should grab the family's shotgun and hide in the bathroom of the master bedroom.

She did just that, but one of the two suspects found her. “I pointed it in his face and they ran off as soon as I did,” Reese told WEYI. The girl managed to catch a glimpse of the suspects and their truck when they pulled out of the driveway. With her help, police were able to track down the pair. James Wasson and Rhonda Steward were apprehended a half-hour later and charged with home invasion and felony gun charges, according to the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office. Wasson is also suspected in 25 home invasions in the area, WEYI reported.

Reese's father, Steve, said he was proud of his daughter and that she is a licensed hunter and knows gun safety, so he trusts her judgment. The girl added that she feels grateful that she helped to catch the suspects: "It’s a good thing in a bad situation."

— Erik Ortiz