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In this rogues' gallery, one guy really stands out.

Dozens of men and women were booked for criminal offenses in Austin, Texas, on Aug. 19. Some look sheepish in their mug shots, others angry or just tired. A few wear defiant smiles, trying to put their best face on what must have been a very bad day.

But only one of them looks like he’s posing for a campaign brochure: Texas Gov. Rick Perry. In a sea of T-shirts, tank tops and tattoos, he’s sharp in a dark suit, starched shirt and cornflower blue tie, not a hair on his blow-dried head out of place.

And the reason he got his picture taken set him apart, too. Many of his fellow arrestees that day were accused of driving while intoxicated or without a license, robbery, burglary, drug possession or jumping bail. Only James Perry – Richard is his middle name – was charged with abuse of official capacity.

The potential GOP presidential candidate was indicted by a Travis County grand jury for allegedly misusing the powers of his office by vetoing funds for a public integrity unit because the head of it balked at his demand she resign. He says he did nothing wrong.

Anyone needing more proof that Perry’s official photo session was something special need look no further than the Texas Democratic Party website, where his mugshot is plastered on coffee cups that sell for $14.

— Tracy Connor