Did Elvis have the best rock hair ever?

Which musician has (or had) the greatest hair? Was it Elvis’ slick pompadour? George Clinton’s rainbow extensions? Justin Bieber’s modern moptop?

Depending on when you grew up, you may have been reprimanded by your World War II vet dad for growing out your hair like The Beatles, or for shaving stripes into the sides like Vanilla Ice. Even if you didn't experiment with your own locks, you surely knew what Jules was talking about in "Pulp Fiction" when he called one of the guys in the Big Kahuna burger scene "Flock of Seagulls."

Country artists sported memorable hairdos, too. Has anyone ever pulled off long, long hair better than Crystal Gayle, or managed the braids-on-a-guy look like Willie Nelson?

Take a nostalgic walk down musical memory lane with our slideshow, and vote in our poll as to which musician has the most distinctive hair.

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